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Modern Tex Mex


Franklyn’s Bar & Kitchen
164 Telegraph Road
Heswall, Wirral
CH60 0AH

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Our story began long, long ago when, after a small forest fire, a smarter-than-average caveman chanced upon the smouldering carcass of a wild boar (or it’s distant relative).

Having been cooked between the smokey embers for many hours, the intoxicating aromas were way beyond the caveman’s powers of resistance.

It took only one bite for him, and indeed mankind, to be hooked on this culinary magic from that day to this.

Having been mastered by many cultures throughout the world, this flavour-enhancing method of cooking has inspired us and is here for your enjoyment, so please do so; it’s been a long time coming!

Our concept is simple, but works for a variety of cuisines and styles. Each dish we create consists of either ‘low and slow’ or ‘charcoal grilled’ meats, couple with the dough, being fresh tortillas or flatbreads, then throw in some fresh, spicy salsas, with some creamy guacamole and you’re already drooling.

We are passionate about cooking bona fide Mexican street food, Tijuana style, the stuff you’re much more likely to find in the genuine food trucks of LA and Mexico City, than under a grey sky, along the banks of the River Mersey.

Our passion extends further, into American BBQ, which finds its way into the way we smoke some of our low and slow meats.

Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines are also from favourites and we look forward to expanding the range of our menu in future with dishes like ‘Smoked Harissa Lamb’ with herb tahini on fresh flatbread and ‘Cinnamon Lamb Curry’ with grape mint raita on fresh naan, in the near future.

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